Ealing Council demolish another ‘bed in shed’ outhouse

Friday, March 18th, 2016 - Ealing Council

An unauthorised outhouse with a concealed entrance constructed at the back of a residential property in Park Royal has been demolished by Ealing Council as the result of enforcement action.

On Monday, 22 February a detached outhouse at the rear of a property on Beechwood Gardens, NW10, was removed by the council’s demolition crew after the owner failed to comply with an enforcement notice requiring them to remove the illegal dwelling.

Council officers discovered the concealed entrance to the outhouse behind what appeared to be a garage door in July 2014 during a routine check of newly erected outbuildings in the Park Royal area of the borough.

Bed in Shed, Beechwood Gardens, London NW10

When the garage door was removed, councils officers entered the building they found a fully self-contained house complete with kitchen and bathroom that did not have planning permission.

Bed in Shed revealed behind garage door, Beechwood Gardens, London NW10

The owner was served with an enforcement notice requiring them to remove the dwelling and they subsequently submitted a planning application to retain the building in September 2015. This was refused and, after a final warning, the council’s demolition contractor was brought in to remove the illegal outbuilding when the owner failed to comply with the notice.

Demolition of Bed in Shed outbuilding, Beechwood Gardens, London NW10

Councillor Ranjit Dheer, cabinet member for safety, culture and community services, said:

Planning regulations are in place to protect our residents and communities and it is unlawful to build a self-contained house without planning permission. We will take robust action against property owners who seek to outwit the planning system by concealing their activities.

This outbuilding was illegally constructed and rightly demolished, and the owner will pay the cost for deliberately flouting the law.

As a result of the demolition carried out by the council, the owner will be sent a bill for the cost of the works. If the bill is not settled a charge will be placed on the property which will incur interest until the outstanding money is paid in full.

Bed in Shed outbuilding demolished by Ealing Council, Beechwood Gardens, London NW10

Anyone who has information about suspected illegal back yard developments can report it in confidence to the council’s regulatory services team on 020 8825 8786 or email the details to

Residents can also report suspected planning breaches online at: