Greenwich Additional Licensing Scheme starts on 1 January 2024

Monday, January 1st, 2024 - Greenwich Council

Date: Monday 1 January 2024

About: A new boroughwide additional HMO licensing scheme came into force in the Royal Borough of Greenwich on 1 January 2024.

The new scheme extends licensing to all Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) throughout the borough. That includes all shared houses and bedsit HMOs that are occupied by three or more people who are not all related.

When can I apply?

Greenwich Council started to accept additional licence applications on 1 January 2024. There is an online application process on the council’s website.

To accompany your licence application, the council have told us you need to provide:

  • Floorplan of the property including measurements and any fire detection present
  • DBS for the licence holder and manager (if different)
  • Electrical certificate
  • Test certificate for fire detection system
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Gas safety certificate (if there is a gas supply)
  • Current tenancy agreement

How much will an additional licence application cost?

The additional licence application fee is £499.88 per unit of accommodation (such as bedrooms used for sleeping). For example, it costs £1499.64 for three unrelated sharers and £1,999.52 for four unrelated sharers.

The fee is paid in two instalments.

There is a fee discount for:

  • members of certain landlord accreditation schemes
  • members of certain landlords and landlord / letting agent associations
  • licence renewals

Looking for more information?

You can visit the council’s website or contact the Private Rented Property Licensing Team by email or phone 020 8921 8152.

London Property Licensing has published a free guide with more detailed information about property licensing and HMO planning rules in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, available here.