Hammersmith & Fulham landlords advised to prepare for the rollout of licensing in June 2017

Thursday, January 12th, 2017 - Hammersmith & Fulham Council

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham have announced that new landlord licensing schemes will be implemented in June 2017.

The council had consulted on proposals for new additional and selective landlord licensing schemes from 7 July to 30 September 2016 (read here).

According to the council, one third of H&F residents now rent their homes privately, with over 27,500 private tenants being housed in the borough. The council say that they want to do more to protect tenants from bad landlords – and to protect good landlords from badly-behaving tenants.

The council said that over 2,000 responses were received and the majority were in favour of introducing five new measures. Based on this feedback, on 5 December 2016 the council formally agreed to introduce the following:

New standards for licensed houses in multiple occupation to ensure tenants are safe and problems to neighbours such as rubbish are better managed. From January 2017 onwards anyone applying for a HMO licence will need to meet the new standards.

Additional licensing will require landlords and letting agents across the borough who let a property occupied by at least three people, who do not make up a single household and who share a kitchen, bathroom or toilet, to get a licence. The scheme will cover all HMOs throughout the borough and will start on 5 June 2017.

Selective licensing will require all landlords and agents who let a property located in approximately 170 streets, where anti-social behaviour has been identified as a problem, to get a licence. This will include all houses and flats rented to a single person, couple or family. This scheme will also start on 5 June 2017.

A new landlords’ rental charter is being introduced to encourage landlords to commit to best practice in management, housing standards, living rent and security of tenancies. The council think this will attract tenants to choose H&F charter landlords over other landlords. It is unclear exactly when this will be launched.

A new social lettings agency to put potential renters in touch with the best local landlords who meet all the higher standards expected.

The London Property Licensing website has been updated will further information about the licensing schemes and how much it will cost. Visit to find out more. Landlords can also sign up to our free LPL newsletter (sign-up here) for regular updates.

If you are worried about how this will impact on your property portfolio, you can also contact us for expert advice and support, including help with submitting licence applications.