Harrow Council consulting on plans to renew Edgware selective licensing scheme

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 - Harrow Council

Harrow Council is consulting on plans to renew their selective licensing scheme that was introduced in the Edgware ward in December 2015. The current scheme is due to expire on 6 December 2020.

Harrow selective licensing consultation for Edgware 2020

Harrow Council currently operates five property licensing schemes. In addition to the borough wide mandatory HMO licensing scheme, there is a borough wide additional licensing scheme that applies to all HMOs plus three selective licensing schemes that apply to smaller parts of the borough.

Harrow council say they have witnessed increasing problems with housing standards, especially in terms of overcrowding and inappropriate letting of premises such as ‘beds in sheds’ leading to increased environmental and ASB issues.

Within the consultation report, it indicates that 658 properties have been licensed within the Edgware ward since 2015 and that all licensed properties have been inspected to ensure no serious hazards and adequate fire precautions.

The council estimate this accounts for about 75% of private rented homes in the ward. With these properties now meeting basic requirements, the council says any new scheme would focus on the approximate 100 rented properties that were not licensed previously.

The council acknowledge that ASB rates in Edgware have dropped 5.4% over the last five years, although the ward still has the highest rates of ASB in the borough. The council note the ward has a large young transient population.

The council say they want to renew the selective licensing scheme to continue proactive measures to address these issues and ensure properties are kept in good condition. They say they will be working closely with the police, landlords, and tenants to make the area a better place to live and work.

In a supplementary report, it notes the council already operate mandatory HMO and additional licensing although it says these schemes are limited in scope as they are restricted to HMOs. Surprisingly, it says the additional licensing scheme only covers two storey properties and ends in November 2015. This is wrong. Their additional licensing scheme actually covers all HMOs and continues until February 2021.

The council have told London Property Licensing that the application fee will remain at £550 per property under the new scheme.

The consultation on plans the renew the Edgware selective licensing scheme started on 5 June and continues for 10 weeks until 14 August 2020. You can read the consultation documents and complete an online questionnaire by visiting the council’s website.

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