Harrow Council’s selective licensing scheme in Edgware has ended

Sunday, December 6th, 2020 - London Property Licensing research

The end of Harrow Council selective licensing scheme 2020

A selective licensing scheme that applied to all private rented properties in Harrow Council’s Edgware ward has ended today (6 December 2020).

The five year licensing scheme came into force on 7 December 2015 and was the first of three selective licensing schemes implemented in the borough. The other two schemes are in Wealdstone, Roxbourne and Roxeth wards. The council also operates a borough wide additional licensing scheme.

Consultation on plans for a replacement scheme

A public consultation on plans to introduce a new five year licensing scheme in Edgware ward took place from 5 June to 14 August 2020.

Within the consultation report, the council revealed that 658 properties in Edgeware had been licensed under the scheme and all of them had received Housing Health and Safety Rating System inspections. The council have said all these properties now meet basic requirements.

The council believe that about 75% of properties were licensed under the scheme, indicating there could be 200 or more properties where landlords failed to obtain a licence.

What happens next

A message posted on the council’s website says:

Selective Licensing Scheme for Edgware ward ends on 6th December 2020. In line with Government Guidance, we are carrying out a review of the scheme, which includes the public consultation carried out earlier in the year. A report is going forward in January 2021 with Edgware likely to see a renewal in April 2021. Until such time, any application will not be accepted for this area until any such scheme is renewed which will be published on Harrow’s web site. If you have any queries regarding this in the meantime please contact us at

Harrow Council have a Cabinet meeting scheduled for 21 January 2021 and more information may be available after that meeting.

A free guide containing more detailed information about property licensing and HMO planning restrictions in the London Borough of Harrow is available here.

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