Have your say on selective licensing for private rented properties in Brent

Monday, October 31st, 2022 - Brent Council

Brent Council Selective Licensing Consultation 2022

A borough-wide consultation on selective landlord licensing for privately rented properties in Brent launched today (31 October 2022) for twelve weeks.

The online consultation is open to anyone to have their say on landlord licensing in the borough.

Three types of licensing schemes currently operate in the borough:

  • Mandatory HMO licensing (most Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) occupied by five or more people)
  • Additional licensing (all HMOs not included in the mandatory HMO licensing scheme)
  • Selective licensing (private rented properties occupied by a single family or just one or two tenants).

Whereas the mandatory HMO and additional licensing schemes apply borough wide, the selective licensing scheme only applies to part of the borough and will end on 30 April 2023.

This consultation asks people whether they are in favour of new selective licensing schemes being introduced in Brent. All wards, with the exception of Wembley Park, are being considered for selective licensing.

Cllr Promise Knight, Brent’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Homelessness & Renters Security, said:

More than a third of people in Brent rent in the private sector. Whilst most landlords provide safe and decent homes, sadly that isn’t always the case.

Licensing has helped keep renters safe. Since we introduced our first selective licensing scheme in 2015, we’ve driven up housing standards, reduced overcrowding and tackled anti-social behaviour. Where landlords have fallen short, we have been relentless in taking action and will not hesitate to throw the full-force of the law at rogue landlords.

Selective licensing previously applied to the council wards of Harlesden, Wembley Central and Willesden Green but that licensing scheme ended on 31 December 2019.

Selective licensing currently applies to the council wards of Queens Park, Kensal Green, Kilburn, Dudden Hill and Mapesbury, based on old ward boundaries. That scheme ends on 30 April 2023.

You can find out more about the consultation and share your views by visiting the council’s website.

Our free guide containing more information about property licensing and HMO planning restrictions in the London Borough of Brent is available here.

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