Lambeth HMO Licensing Consultation - 18 December 2020 to 12 March 2021

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - Lambeth Council

Lambeth additional HMO licensing consultation 2020/21

Date: Friday 18 December 2020 to Friday 12 March 2021

About: Building on their commitment to ensure safe, secure and properly maintained homes for tenants, Lambeth Council wants to hear your views on its licensing proposals for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). The consultation runs from 18 December 2020 until 12 March 2021.

A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is either a home occupied by three or more people in more than two households, (e.g. rooms for rent, shared houses, bedsits, etc) or an older or poorly converted building containing flats, where a third or more of the flats are rented out.

HMO licensing helps to ensure that housing meets legal health and safety standards, is well run and provides at least a basic range of facilities which tenants can expect. In Lambeth, licensing is currently restrcited to most HMOs occupied by five or more people in two or more households.

The new proposals would see licensing extended to all HMOs across the whole borough, helping the council to work with landlords to drive up standards and improve both the quality and management of the accommodation.

The aim is to ensure that tenants living in a licensed HMO can rent with confidence knowing that their property has been properly inspected and licensed by the council. Landlords also benefit as they can advertise a certified property which is clearly managed in a responsible manner and meets legal standards.

To ensure that as many people and organisations as possible have the opportunity to comment on the proposals, a range of methods are being used to draw attention to the plans and to provide people and organisations with the opportunity to comment on them. This will help inform the council's decision-making process as to whether a scheme is appropriate to introduce for Lambeth.

Your views on the proposed licensing scheme, whether as a landlord, manager, freeholder, leaseholder, tenant, neighbour or local business are needed.

Once the consultation has closed, responses will be analysed and report taken to Cabinet setting out recommendations as to whether a scheme should proceed. If a decision is taken to proceed with the licensing scheme it is likely to be put in place in April 2022.

You can find out more, read the licensing consultation document and take part in the consultation on the council's website.

Whilst the council is encouraging people to complete the online survey form, comments can also be sent by email to


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