Landlord fined for urine stench in property

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 -

A rogue landlord has been slapped with a £2,000 fine for failing to repair a rental property in Neasden where one of the bedrooms smelt so badly of urine that his tenants couldn’t use it.

Mr Gareth Kirwan was convicted at Willesden Magistrates Court on 24 March 2015 for failing to carry out the repairs to his property in Aylesbury Street despite repeated requests by Brent Council.

The tenants, who had complained about the state of the property since moving in, contacted Brent’s Private Housing Services Team in June 2014 asking for help. Upon inspection, Brent Council officers discovered a strong smell of urine, damp and a leaking toilet.

When promises to start repairs weren’t kept, Brent Council served a Housing Act 2004 Improvement Notice to Mr Kirwan in October 2014 to improve the condition of the property, but this too was ignored.

Mr Kirwan will now have to pay a £2,000 fine along with costs of £1,147 and a surcharge of £120.

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