National private rented sector review: a call for evidence

Friday, June 30th, 2017 - University of York

A call has gone out for interested parties to submit evidence to be considered at part of a national private rented sector (PRS) review being led by the Centre for Housing Policy at York University.

The PRS is the focus of rapidly increasing levels of policy intervention, with private renting now regarded as a central rather than marginal feature of the English housing market.

It is nearly ten years since the publication of ‘The Private Rented Sector: Its Contribution and Potential‘ (read here) which aimed to create a more nuanced understanding of a highly complex market and consider appropriate policy responses.

The Nationwide Foundation has funded Dr Julie Rugg and David Rhodes from the Centre for Housing Policy to repeat the exercise with a particular focus on:

  • how the current PRS is operating in terms of demand and supply and variation in local rental markets;
  • aspects of the PRS deemed to be problematic, and obstacles to finding solutions; and
  • demonstrably effective policies dealing with those issues.

As part of the review, the Centre for Housing Policy are asking all interested parties to forward information relating to their local private rental market. The particular questions being asked are:

1. Describe your local private rented sector. Please indicate how you have evidenced your account.
2. Are there any problems relating to the private rented sector in your area? Again, please present evidence for those problems.
3. What would you say are the major obstacles you face in attempts to resolve those problems?
4. Have you implemented any solutions that have had a demonstrable impact in dealing with the problems in your local private rented sector?

Further information including details of how to submit evidence can be found on the University of York website. The deadline for submissions is 29 September 2017.

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