Newham Council’s selective landlord licensing scheme extended until 2023!

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 - Newham Council

Newham Council’s selective licensing scheme has been extended until 2023, London Property Licensing has learnt.

A source at Newham Council told London Property Licensing that the replacement selective licensing scheme had been approved by the Secretary of State in the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Under new rules introduced in 2015 (read here), any selective licensing scheme covering more than 20% of the borough can only be implemented with the agreement of central government.

The selective licensing scheme will apply borough wide, except for the E20 postcode which comprises the Olympic Park. The new scheme will come into force on 1 March 2018.

With the previous selective licensing scheme expiring on 31 December 2017, there will be a two-month gap before properties rented to a single family need to be relicensed.

Landlords of all private rented properties that are not already licensed under the mandatory HMO or additional licensing scheme will need to apply to renew their licences. Newham Council’s additional licensing scheme was also recently renewed (read here).

Selective licensing fees increased by 60%

To coincide with renewal of the selective licensing scheme, the council have decided to increase the application fee by 60% to £800 per property. This will become the highest selective licensing fee in London.

For landlords who renew their licence applications promptly, there is a 50% early bird discount saving £400 per property. To benefit from the discount, applications must be submitted before 15 March 2018.

Attention will now focus on next batch of selective licensing applications

With Newham Council’s ‘s selective licensing scheme given the green light, attention will now focus on the Secretary of State’s decision with respect to other schemes currently in the wings.

It is understood that both Redbridge and Brent Councils have submitted applications to expand their existing selective licensing schemes. Will the government hold firm and maintain their opposition to blanket licensing schemes, or issue further approvals which may encourage yet more applications to be submitted?

Further information about property licensing and HMO planning restrictions in Newham can be found at

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