Redbridge landlord must pay £42k or face a 15-month prison sentence after breaching prohibition order

Monday, November 7th, 2016 - Redbridge Council

A landlord from South Woodford has been ordered to pay over £42,000 for failing to comply with a Prohibition Order issued by Redbridge Council under the Housing Act 2004.

Javid Akhtar Mughal, of Wordsworth Avenue, South Woodford was handed the sentence at Snaresbrook Crown Court on 28 October, after ignoring the order issued by Redbridge’s Environmental Health team.

The property in Wellesley Road, Ilford had been poorly converted and then let out to unsuspecting families. Eleven people from four different households were found living in the property, which had no planning permission or building control approval.

Redbridge Council housing prosecution 2016

Photo: evidence of damp and mould found in the property

The Council inspected the property after receiving complaints from the tenants and served a Prohibition Order as it was found that the property was in a dangerous condition.

Findings included:

  • no fire precautions or fire escapes
  • defective electrical system
  • no fire risk assessment had been carried out
  • high levels of dampness, condensation and mould

Redbridge Council housing prosecution 2016

Photo: dangerous electrics discovered by council officers

The landlord failed to comply with the Prohibition Order issued by the council and continued to let out the property, putting the health and safety of the four families living there at risk.

Mughal, who pleaded guilty, was ordered to pay over £42,000 for the breach and £3,065 in costs. Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, a confiscation order equivalent to the rental income received when the Order was in force can be recovered from the landlord. Some of this money is repaid to the council and can be reinvested in enforcement activity.

Failure to pay the full amount by 26 January 2017 will result in a 15-month custodial sentence.

Councillor Farah Hussain, Cabinet Member for Housing said:

We are working hard to make sure irresponsible landlords that blatantly disregard the law are brought to justice.

“It’s important that when faced with landlords who do not follow regulations and licensing conditions, we take all necessary action to make sure residents are protected and properties they live in are safe.

Anyone failing to meet their responsibilities and putting residents in danger will be prosecuted.

More information about property licensing and housing enforcement in Redbridge is available at